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Bariatric Medical Equipment Makes Life a Little Easier

Bariatrics is a category of medicine that addresses the problem of obesity among individuals. Obesity can lead to hospitalization or the need for specialized care within the home or a long-term care facility. In these cases, medical equipment is often required but it must fit unique needs.

At Homepro Medical Supplies, we offer a wide range of specialized bariatric medical equipment uniquely designed to assist larger or obese patients and their caretakers.

If you care for bariatric patients, you need the right equipment to deliver quality care and minimize safety risks to your patients and yourself. The bariatric equipment and products we offer are manufactured from durable, high-strength materials and reinforced effectively to accommodate the higher weight capacity needs of bariatric patients.

If you are in the category of being a bariatric patient yourself, quality, dependability, and comfortable equipment that fits your specific needs are a must.

Care and Mobility Solutions for Bariatric Patients

Millions of people of all ages in the U.S., both male and female, are affected by obesity every day. There are various types of bariatric medical equipment available to help heavier individuals or individuals with obesity as well as the medical professionals in their efforts to care for these patients. Special medical devices such as bariatric adjustable beds, reclining chairs, commodes, and step stools are available to help these individuals live life a little easier.

Many bariatric patients face significant challenges simply getting out of bed and moving about. Mobility items specially designed to help these patients can make a big difference in their lives. Devices such as special walkers, lift chairs, patient lifters, and wheelchairs (manual and powered) can help these patients remain mobile and explore much more territory.

Bariatric Beds Enhance Patient Comfort and Infection Prevention

Bariatric beds are a type of medical equipment adapted specifically to accommodate the needs of obese patients. The larger and stronger design of these beds ensures the patient’s comfort and helps healthcare professionals with treating and moving these patients. These beds help reduce the potential for patient infection and injury.

To learn more about your options when it comes to bariatric medical equipment, review our selection on our website, or give us a call today at 800.437.3677.

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