Benefits of 2-position, 3-position and Infinite-position Lift Chairs

infinite-position lift chairs

Homepro Medical knows that age and disabilities can make it difficult and even dangerous to try to get out of chairs by yourself. Maybe you require a helping hand, but what happens when you’re alone? Do you avoid sitting in certain pieces of furniture? Do you worry about falling as you try to get up? If you or a loved one struggles with mobility, you should consider a lift chair from Homepro Medical. Lift chairs offer comfortable and convenient seating for the elderly or people with limited mobility. These chairs come in many different sizes, styles, colors and textures so you can find one that’s perfect for you and your home décor.

Lift chairs are also grouped by the number of positions they have. There are 2-position lift chairs, 3-position lift chairs and infinite-position lift chairs. Keep reading to learn more about each chair and find out which one is right for you.

2-position Lift Chairs

This chair usually only reclines a few inches as the seat rises and the Ottoman rises. These chairs are what you might describe as a lounge chair or a recliner, but they offer lift when you’re trying to exit the chair. There is usually a gap between the chair seat and the Ottoman. Our Pride Classic Collection: LC-10 makes a comfortable edition to your furniture that is easy to exit on your own.

3-position Lift Chairs

This chair can recline to the level of a 2-position chair and further. There is usually no gap between the Ottoman and the seat. These chairs have a single motor operating system with controls that allow you to stop at any position. These chairs are great for people wanting more of a lounging experience or who may want to sleep in their chairs. Our Pride Elegance Collection: LC-550M is a luxurious seating experience with all the lift you need to safely exit the chair.

Infinite-position Lift Chairs

These chairs can recline the back of the chair parallel to the floor and even raise the Ottoman above the back of the chair if need be. This allows the legs and feet of users to be above the heart or at the same level as the heart for a “zero-gravity” position that takes stress off the spine. The body can also lay in a relaxed “S” position. These chairs are padded all the way down with no gaps. These chairs are perfect for people who want to sleep in their chair or are recovering from an injury and need to be laying down with lifted legs. The Pride Specialty Collection: LC525 Series allows users to lie comfortably and move with ease when they want to exit the chair.

Homepro Medical wants you to feel safe, mobile and free in your home. We also offer heavy duty lift chairs to meet your specific needs.  Look into a lift chair to make you more comfortable in your home today!