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Isch-Dish Pressure Relief Seat Cushion


Manufactured by: SpanAmerica



Span America Isch-Dish Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Models: 221N, 221R, 221L, 221W, 221F,
222R, 222L, 222W, 222F, 223W, 223F
Warranty: 2 Years

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The most direct seating solution for those with, or at high risk for pressure injuries at the ischium or coccyx. Exclusive fit-to-the-user, open pocket design provides pressure elimination and ventilation at the injury site. An important complement to any wound treatment, and for long term prevention. Promotes healthy, upright posture by controlling pelvic tilt. Reduces "sacral sitting" that can cause skin breakdown. Includes support core protected by Durafilm incontinence-proof coating, machine washable cover, removable Sling-Fill seat base, 2-year warranty.

Product Properties
Material Layers of open-cell foam Cushion height 3.5″
Cover Durafilm incontinence-proof coating, machine washable
Available Options
Cushion Sizes Dimensions
(W × L)
Item No. for Pocket Sizes (Ischial Span Ranges)
(4.25″ - 5″)
(5″ - 5.75″)
(5.75″ - 6.75″)
Narrow 15″ × 15″ 221N    
Regular 16″ × 16″ 221R 222R  
Long 16″ × 18″ 221L 221L  
Wide 18″ × 16″ 221W 222W 223W
Narrow 18″ × 18″ 221F 222F 223F
*** This item is non-returnable and non-refundable. ***

Span-America Foam Cushions
Are Made With CertiPUR-US® Approved Foams!
Click Here! for more information on CertiPUR-US® program.

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