Type Cause Symptom
Stress Most often caused by weakened pelvic muscles and ligaments. It is more common in women. Generally results in the expulsion of a few drops of urine when sneezing, exercising or laughing.
Over-activity of the bladder wall muscle causes by infection or neurologic disorders. Frequent, strong urges to urinate, often unable to delay urinate long enough to make it to the restroom. ("When you gotta go, you gotta go!")
Overflow Flow of urine out of the bladder is constricted or blocked, if the bladder muscle has no strength, or if there are neurologic problems. Prolonged voiding, poor or reduced urine stream, post-void dribbling, still sense of bladder fullness, and mimic symptoms of stress incontinence (leakage when sneezing, exercising, or laughing).
Functional Inability to get to the restroom safely, due to limited mobility or cognitive problems or having less awareness for the need of urgency. Varies symptoms. (may have functional bladder, but failed to reach the restroom in time)
Reflex A problem in the central nervous system. Having disorders of stroke, Parkinson's disease, and/or brain tumors. Patients with spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. A loss of urine control without warning. A person cannot detect his or her need to use the restroom.
Mixed A combination of two or more types of incontinences. Combination symptoms of two or more types of incontinences can occur.

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Protective underwear
Adult briefs


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