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Hospital beds are designed to assist in the convalescence and recuperation of its user. With multiple positioning options available at the touch of a button our hospital beds provide comfort and reduce suffering. Homecare Hospital Beds are especially helpful for anyone who has been recently hospitalized, needs help getting in and out of bed, is bedbound, or is concerned about their circulatory or respiratory health.

Now available in this section are our Premium Full Electric Beds. See the Invacare Carroll Series to view. For adjustable beds with incredible versatility but designed to look like everyday consumer beds, see the Transfer Master & Flex-A-Bed Series. Also check out our standard semi or full electric bed packages for great value.

Homecare Hospital Beds generally have 3 main features: 1) Adjustable bed height, 2) Raising and lowering of the head section, and 3) Raising and lowering of the legs. Some beds have extra features for special situations such as Extra Low to minimize the effects of a fall and Extra Long for tall users. Our Heavy Duty Hospital Beds can accommodate different widths (39″, 42″, 48″ and 54″) and have a weight capacity of up to 1000 lbs.

In the NYC Metro area plus part of New Jersey and Connecticut, we offer the option of renting a standard or premium hospital bed. Visit our bed rental page to learn more about this program.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

These hospital beds are usually larger in size than conventional beds and include wheels for easy mobility and transport. They are designed for hospitals, medical facilities, and for the home.

Full-Electric Hospital Beds

These hospital beds include electric motor controls that enable one push of a button to adjust the foot, head, and height of the bed frame. A full-electric hospital bed purchase is ideal if you need a hospital style bed for nursing home facility, hospital, or home.

Heavy Duty Hospital Beds

Heavy duty and bariatric hospital beds are extra wide, heavy-duty beds than can extend 88 inches in length and 54 inches wide. They support a higher weight capacity than standard hospital beds to accommodate larger individuals.

Premium Long-Term Care Beds

These beds are motorized, full function medical beds which are ideal for long term care facilities or in home care use. They include features and options not available with standard hospital beds for home care.

Adjustable Hospital Beds

With an adjustable bed you can change your position based on your specific needs. This includes the ability to elevate your legs and feet and raise up into a sitting position.

What is the Best Hospital Bed for the Home?

The best hospital bed purchase for home use is one that fits your space and has the safety features and adjustability you or your loved one needs.

How Much Does a Hospital Bed Cost?

The cost of a hospital bed can vary based on its features. Prices can range from around $700 to more than $5,000 depending on the type of bed.

Does Medicare Cover Home Hospital Beds?

When they are medically necessary, Medicare will cover hospital beds for home use.

Where Can I Purchase a Hospital Bed?

You can make hospital bed purchase right here on our website.

What Size is a Hospital Bed?

Most hospital beds are between 35 and 60 inches in width. Most hospital beds have a maximum width of 42 inches. Generally, adjustable beds and bariatric beds are the only ones that reach 60 inches in width. Hospital beds can be as short as 74 inches or as long as 88 inches. However, most beds are usually 80 inches long. Minimum heights can range anywhere from 7.25 inches to 26 inches tall. Maximum heights can be anywhere between 20 inches and 33 inches tall.

How Much Does a Hospital Bed Weigh?

Hospital beds can weigh anywhere from 180 to 500 pounds or more depending on the size and type.

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