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Homepro Medical Supplies offers a variety of lifters to fit your needs and abilities. Patient Lifts are designed to assist when transferring a patient from one resting position to another surface or area. Lifters are a smart option for those with limited mobility. It can assist in preventing falls, greatly reduces the physical strain on the caregiver and the risk of injury to the patient. Patient lifters are used with Slings that are available in a wide variety of designs and styles to provide the most comfort and to best meet your needs.

We offer a number of Patient Lifter options: Traditional Hoist Manual Patient Lifts, Traditional Hoist Power Lifters, Manual Sit to Stand Lifts, Powered Sit to Stand Patient Lifters,and Heavy Duty Lifts.

In the NYC Metro area, we offer the option of renting Manual and Powered Patient Lifts. Please visit our Lifter Rental page to learn more.

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