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Manual Wheelchairs, Including Transport Wheelchairs Available Now

With decades of experience behind us, we have an obligation to provide high-grade products from well-known manufacturers with a reputation for excellence. Our range of products includes standard wheelchairs for everyday use, as well as a selection of more specialized options for your specific needs.

Standard & Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Our selection of standard wheelchairs includes Invacare, ProBasics, and Drive Medical products. Our standard and heavy duty wheelchairs also come with a variety of options to provide you with the perfect fit of style, comfort, reliability and ease of use. No matter what your needs, we can provide you with the perfect standard or heavy duty wheelchair.

Wheel chair Parts and Accessories

We also offer a selection of wheel chair accessories, such as oxygen tank holders and anti-tippers. These parts are suitable for lightweight wheel chairs and tilt in space wheel chairs, but can also be paired with any of our other wheelchair models. Our accessories are picked for their versatility – most will fit with other wheelchairs from the same manufacturer, enabling them to be used interchangeably as required.

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