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Why Consider a Premium Long-Term Care Hospital Bed

The difference between a premium long-term care hospital bed and a regular home hospital bed lies primarily in their features, quality, and suitability for different settings:

  1. Quality and Durability: Premium long-term care home hospital beds are typically built with higher quality materials and construction, designed to withstand constant use over extended periods of time. Regular home hospital beds may be less durable and may not hold up as well under continuous usage.
  2. Advanced Features: Premium long-term care beds often come equipped with advanced features such as electronic controls for adjusting bed height, tilt, and positioning, as well as features like integrated scales, patient monitoring systems, and pressure relief mattresses. These features are essential for managing patients with complex medical needs over extended periods. Regular home hospital beds may have more basic features and may not be as versatile or customizable.

It is important to note that pressure reducing mattresses, such as air or foam, are sold separately and vary in quality, as well. Consult with an expert at Homepro Medical to discuss your options.

  1. Comfort and Support: Premium long-term care beds are designed with the comfort and support needs of long-term residents in mind. They may have more advanced mattress options, including pressure-relieving surfaces to prevent bedsores and promote circulation. Regular home hospital beds may offer basic mattress options that may not be as conducive to long-term comfort.
  2. Safety Features: Premium long-term care beds often include additional safety features such as siderails with multiple positioning options, bed exit alarms, and locking mechanisms to prevent unintended movement. These features are important for ensuring the safety and well-being of patients in long-term care settings. Regular home hospital beds may have fewer safety features or may require additional accessories to achieve the same level of safety.
  3. Customization and Adaptability: Premium long-term care beds are designed to be highly customizable and adaptable to the individual needs of patients. They may offer a wider range of adjustments and accessories to accommodate patients with varying medical conditions and mobility levels. Regular home hospital beds may have fewer options for customization and may not be as adaptable to changing patient needs.

Overall, while both premium long-term care home hospital beds and regular home hospital beds serve the purpose of providing medical care and support at home, the premium beds are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of long-term care settings, offering higher quality, advanced features, and greater comfort and safety for patients who require extended periods of care. Specific features include wooden head and foot boards or a one-piece frame, they go lower and go higher than standard hospital beds, or they have Trandelenburg or reverse Trandelenburg positioning. Newer, modern premium hospital beds may even have comfort chair position.

An excellent example of an advanced feature bed is the Advantage bed made by Span America.

At Homepro Medical we have curated a great selection of premium home care hospital beds for our customers from distinguished brands such as MedaCure, Med- Mizer, Invacare, and Span America. Call our experts to discuss your unique needs and what hospital bed and hospital bed mattress is right for you!


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