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Medical Air Mattresses for Sale – Providing Comfort for Patients

At Homepro Medical, we carry an extensive line of hospital mattresses for sale. Our selection of therapeutic surfaces enables the advanced prevention and treatment of pressure sores that many patients experience. We provide powered mattress systems in three different modalities of therapy: low air loss (on-demand and low), alternating pressure, and lateral rotation.

Choose Your Medical Air Mattress for Sale

The support surfaces of our mattress models do more than simply treat and prevent pressure ulcers, they also help minimize pain, and improve quality of sleep, leading to better quality of life. Mattresses we offer enhance the ability of caregivers to meet the needs of bed-confined patients.

The various types of mattresses in our selection, including alternating pressure mattresses, the low air loss alternating pressure mattress, and lateral rotation mattresses can successfully alleviate pain from various types of skin tissue breakdown conditions, bedsores and ulcers.

The pressure relieving mattresses provide comfort by redistributing the patient’s weight, which in turn relieves critical pressure points. Alternating pressure mattresses provide pressure point relief and enhance better circulation through air cells contained in the mattress that continually inflate and deflate to provide maximum comfort.

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