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Seat lift chairs are a cozy, comfortable mobility assistant that can be customized just for you. There are a wide range of textures and colors to choose from and these power recliners all serve the same need: helping you ease into standing up or sitting down. Some even help you sleep. This type of medical lift chair can take the pressure off certain vulnerable areas of your body. It’s also a stylish yet practical addition to any living space, fitting right into your living room design and décor, while keeping you away from unnecessary pain.

2-Position Seat Lift Chairs

A 2-position lift chair gives you two independent positions – TV Recline and Straight. It allows for manual or handheld remote control of the back and ottoman which move in tandem. The footrest raises and the backrest reclines. However, the 2-position lift chair may be reclined into any position between the two positions.

3-Position Seat Lift Chairs

Unlike a 2-position lift chair, a 3-position lift chair is able to almost reach a full incline. With this chair, there is still a slight “V” where the seat and back of the chair meet – so it is not a 100% full incline. It is the ideal chair for watching TV or napping, if you don’t mind an inclined surface. The chair can incline to any position in between its almost fully reclined position and straight.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs

An infinite position lift chair has one motor for the legs and another motor for the back of the chair, which means the legs and back can be adjusted independently from one another. They creates the ability to achieve a fully reclined position, allowing for an “infinite” number of positions for the user.

Heavy Duty Seat Lift Chairs

A heavy-duty lift seat chair is designed to support individuals whose height and weight are greater than what may be supported by a standard lift chair option. A heavy-duty power lift seat chair can support users who weigh up to 600 lbs. and also features an extra-wide seat. These chairs may be designed with various reclining options, including 2-position and 3-position.

Seat Lift Chair Accessories

To make the use of your lift chair easier and more functional, you can choose from an array of power chair lift accessories we offer, including a Chair Sensor Pad, Level Extender, Couch Cane with Organizer Pouch, Advanced Magnet Alarm, Advanced Ultimate Alarm, Advanced Chair/Bed Alarm, Seat Lift Chair Table, and Assist-A-Tray.

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