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Travel Scooters for Exceptional Mobility and Freedom

Sometimes referred to as a power operated vehicle (POV), a powered mobility scooter is an exceptionally convenient device to help those with mobility limitations. These scooters provide users with the mobility and independence not available from a walker or manual wheelchair.

Travel scooters are especially popular because they are more efficient to store and easier to use than powered wheelchairs. They can be folded in half and can be disassembled. At Homepro Medical, we offer quality scooters from multiple brands to meet the mobility needs of all types of individuals.

Travel Mobility Scooter Brands

We offer travel scooters from several manufacturers including Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, and Merits Health.

Travel Mobility Scooter Features

Travel mobility scooters are available with a range of options. Our mobility scooter offerings include 3-wheel travel scooters or 4-wheel travel scooter models, battery choices, driving distance capabilities, transportability, weight capacity, speed options, and more. These scooters are easy to operate; very similar to driving a golf cart.

Mobility scooters are available that can meet your specific needs and budget. They are offered in a variety of options, including lightweight and compact models all the way to full-size luxury mobility vehicles.

Whether you need a basic travel scooter, a more compact travel scooter, a folding scooter, or another travel mobility scooter model, we have you covered with great options.

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