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Adult Incontinence Supplies – Diapers, Pullups, Pads & Liners, Underpads, Wipes, Gloves & Ointments

Adult Incontinence, also referred to as bladder leakage, affects over 25 million people in the United States. It is important to identify the right adult urinary incontinence products in order to manage symptoms and to avoid embarrassment and skin irritation. The six types of adult incontinence are: stress, urge, overflow, functional, reflex, and mixed.

    • Bladder leakage products Bladder control pads are best for stress, urge, and overflow incontinence.
    • Guards and liners are best stress, urge, and overflow incontinence.
    • Belted shields are best for stress, urge, and overflow incontinence.
    • Protective underwear and pull-ups are best for urge, overflow, and functional incontinence.
    • Adult briefs and adult diapers are best for functional and reflex incontinence.
    • Wet wipes and gloves are useful for cleaning.
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