A Much Needed Assist: How Bed Assists Help Make the Bedroom a Safer Place

Bed assists can help you get into and out of bed safer

Your bed should be a place of comfort, not a place you fear getting into and out of

Getting into and out of bed is a task that most people can do without much difficulty. However, seniors and those with certain medical conditions that limit mobility and strength aren’t able to move as freely as everyone else. This makes simple movements, such as getting out of bed, problematic.

There is a great need for safety when getting into and out of bed. Starting at age 65, the chance for a fall at home increases greatly with age. A lack of balance and unsteadiness, shifting weight and possible imbalance or lack in depth perception from medications makes the need for safety in the bedroom very important. Bed assists are a great piece of equipment focused on helping people get into and out of their bed safely.  Continue reading