Knee Walkers: A Comfortable Alternative to Crutches

Using crutches can be painful to use.

Using crutches can be painful to use; knee walkers take away the pain and offer more mobility.

Anyone who has had a lower leg injury knows that, aside from the pain and inconvenience of their injury, one other thing you will have to deal with is using crutches. However, these are not always the best solution. There is a certain piece of medical equipment that can help you get around easier when recovering from a lower leg injury: a knee walker.

Knee walkers are a great solution when you are faced with a lower leg injury of any kind. The design of a knee walker helps you to get around while also helping you recover from foot or ankle surgery, broken bones, sprains or foot ulcers.

But what specifically makes a knee walker a better alternative to crutches? There are five main reasons:

  1. The position of the lower leg. With a knee walker, your leg is in a constant non-weight bearing position, which is optimal for low strain on your leg and blood flow. With crutches, it can be a struggle to keep your injured leg bent and elevated as you move around.
  2. The need for upper body strength. Constant use of crutches requires a good amount of upper body strength, and can lead to fatigue of your arms, shoulders and hands. On the other hand, a knee walker requires minimal upper body strength.
  3. Keeping the injured leg off the ground. Without support, using crutches means you could hit your injured leg on the ground, increasing the risk of re-injury. A knee walker keeps your injured leg up and supported.
  4. Staying balanced. A knee walker works with your body’s natural sense of balance to keep you safe, whereas crutches require constant attention on balance and coordination.
  5. Use of hands. When standing still using a knee walker, you have free use of your hands. Crutches require you to hunch or continuously grip them when standing still.

When it comes down to it, a knee walker offers a more natural way to get around when compared to crutches. By allowing you to continue to use both legs for balance, muscle atrophy is reduced when compared to using crutches. A knee walker also allows you to stay naturally upright, reducing back strain.

Whether you have a long recovery ahead of you or simply need a knee walker for a short time, Homepro Medical is your go-to source. We offer knee walker rentals and units for purchase, so visit our rental page or knee walker product area to get the knee walker you need quickly and easily.

Geri Chairs: Increased Comfort for Better Health

Geri chairs provide multiple positions for more comfortable seating.

Geri chairs provide multiple positions for more comfortable seating.

Active lifestyles are often the cause behind many ailments with the body. Worn down joints, ligaments and muscles can be very painful as we age. But there is also something to be said for the toughness a sedentary life brings as well.

As the 65 million Baby Boomers in this country continue to age, many of them will begin to slow down, whether from age or out of necessity from a medical condition. Sedentary lifestyles will become the norm for millions of seniors, but sitting isn’t always comfortable. Incorrect posture, positioning or level of cushioning can cause aches, pain and pressure ulcers.

One great solution for this problem is a geri chair, also called a medical recliner. Designed to be operated by a caregiver and offer maximum comfort, a geri chair offers a higher level of comfort than a wheelchair. It’s wheeled design also means it can be used to move a loved one within their home instead of having to move them from a stationary chair.

Geri chairs come in three main types:

  1. 3-position: choose from upright, deep recline and elevated foot/leg rest positions
  2. 4-position: choose from upright, TV recline, full recline and Trendelenburg (for those have hypotensive episodes)
  3. Tilt-in-place: can be put into any number of reclined positions to help with positioning and pressure relief

The different positions in a geri chair allow a caregiver to position a patient or loved one differently to avoid pressure ulcer and to help with circulation. Increased circulation, comfort and repositioning are key components to preventing pressure ulcers, which can be common in seniors with restricted mobility.

If you provide care for a loved one, Homepro Medical offers a variety of different geri chair recliners to choose from. You can also rent a geri chair if you will have a loved one with limited mobility staying with you for a few days or a couple of months. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your aging loved one be more comfortable throughout the day.

Transport Wheelchairs: Getting You from Point “A” to Point “B” Safely

Transport wheelchairs are a low-cost and portable mobility option.

Transport wheelchairs are a low-cost and portable mobility option.

For those with mobility issues, your home is your safe place. You are familiar with the layout, where trouble spots are and have a way to contact someone if something goes wrong.

But outside of your home is another matter.

Whether because of a past fall or the fear of a fall, you need assistance getting around outside of your home for going to the doctor or to the grocery store. But what are your options? An electric wheelchair or scooter is too much, and a regular wheelchair even seems like more assistance than you actually need. This is where relying on a transport wheelchair is your best solution.

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