Give Yourself a Lift After Hip Surgery

It is important not to strain your hip right after surgery.

It is important not to strain your hip right after surgery.

Limited mobility is medical condition millions of Americans face every day when they wake up in the morning. For some, this is a result of age or a worsening medical condition. For others, however, limited mobility is a result of surgery, specifically hip surgery.

A record number of Americans are having hip surgeries, and at younger ages. In a study of hip surgery recipients, the Mayo Clinic found that the number of surgeries doubled from 2000 to 2010. But limited mobility is not the only issue you may face post-surgery. Since you don’t want to strain your hip, flexibility is key as well.

A seat lift chair is one piece of equipment that can help with a process you do multiple times every day: sitting and standing. The seat lift chair extends upward to help ease you into a seated position. This ensures you don’t move too suddenly as you sit down. When you want to stand, the seat lift chair slowly helps you into a standing position, preventing any strain on your newly repaired hip.

There are different types of seat lift chairs:

  • 2-position: extends upwards and also reclines back with the use of a hand control
  • 3-position: can also go into a full reclined position
  • Infinite-position: has two motors, one that controls the recline and one that controls the height of the footrest

When used in combination with other equipment like hip chairs and reachers, a seat lift chair is a great recovery option after hip surgery. If you or a loved one have had or will be having a hip surgery procedure, get in touch with Homepro Medical today to see how we can help. Our easy online ordering and quick delivery will ensure you get the equipment you need.

You can also rent a seat lift chair for short-term recovery from hip surgery using our quick and easy online rental form.