Finding the Right Walking Aid for Your Needs

walking aid

Finding the right walking aid can be difficult because there are endless options and styles to choose from. No matter what type of home medical equipment you are looking into buying, the decisions are stressful because there are many brands and types of equipment. We want to put your worries at ease by highlighting a few walking aids we sell at Homepro Medical Supplies. This blog will show you a few different brands, walkers, rollators, and canes you can choose from.

Finding the right walking aid:

Quad Cane by Drive

  • A quad cane can provide more stability than a regular cane because the bottom is supported by more than one bottom grip. A cane is a great option if you are interested in a more subtle walking aid, yet still need the safety of the device.

Dual Release Paddle Heavy Duty Walker by Invacare

  • Walkers offer a wide and deep frame that is useful for added support while moving and standing in place. This particular walker features a paddle release system which is convenient for opening and closing to store the walker. The feature makes living with dexterity issues much easier.

Four Wheel Rollator by Drive Medical

  • A rollator is the perfect option if you need little assistance for walking and want to move at a faster pace. This four wheel rollator gives the exact support needed to feel stable and independent while walking. This rollator comes with a basket with an opening and closing seat for storing items. You can easily put this in your car for use outside or when you are out and about.

Three Wheel Rollator by Invacare

  • With style and affordability a three wheel rollator from Invacare will suit all of your walking assistance needs. The ergonomic hand brakes are easily operated for added safety indoors and outdoors.

We hope this information can help you make an informed decision about finding the right walking aid for your needs. We also have many more walking aid options in our online catalog.