Entering The Blogisphere

This is my first blog entry since creating homepromedical.com and I’m very excited to
be opening this channel of communication. For many years I have been selling medical
equipment and supplies to various segments of the healthcare market and this venue
opens up a whole new direction for myself personally. I have been making personal
presentations, pounding the pavement trying to speak to purchasing agents and negotiated large contracts. Now I feel like this blog gives me an opportunity to open the whole thing up and invite one and all to come and test our wares, give feedback and discuss trends in our industry.

From individuals and people who might come from large healthcare organizations the whole world is now our market and your opinion does matter. I have always tried to do business in an honorable and honest manner. Value and service have been ideals I have always cherished, this along with a strong commitment to making sure that my customers are satisfied have given me a measure of success. Now we are going digital and opening up the whole forum. We have a lot of plans for our site to not only provide products but information, ideas and maybe even community. So if you want to share your feelings on the wheelchair we delivered to your home or the quality of our incontinent product line we are listening.

Please join in, I’ll be reading the blog frequently and hope to post responses and experiences. We all have opinions, please be constructive and forward thinking. I firmly believe that the best customers are the one’s who give you the toughest criticism. Those are customers who care enough and value your current service and in the end of the day would rather see us improve rather then lose their business. Looking forward to doing business with you.

Sincerely, David S

Welcome to Our Community.

Thanks for visiting our blog.  This blog aims to provide useful information concerning independent living and mobility. Our blog is an online meeting space for our friends and  customers to voice their opinion on Life-style enhancement products, medical information  and products offered by homepromedical.com

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