Tips for Renting Powered Wheel Chairs

Many people who would benefit from investing in powered wheel chairs often never get them. That’s because they do not realize just how accessible these products can be. Powered systems can help an individual to have more self-confidence, control, and an overall better quality of life by providing them with a way to get around from one place to the next. Accessibility to this type of equipment is made easier with rentals.

Before You Rent, Consider a Few Key Things

The most common selection for Powered wheel chairs come with the captains’ seat option and also come in a variety of widths to accommodate many needs. The standard Powered wheel chairs are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and rentals are great for the streets of New York due to their durability and ease of use. There are also various options depending on the height, weight, and capacity of the individual renting the wheelchair as well. Powered wheelchairs also come with options such as flip-down foot plates, elevating leg rests and other varieties of options to accommodate your experience and needs. It is also important to keep in mind that there are Travel powered wheelchairs that are less powerful, but can be taken around easier than some other models if a lot of travel is desired.

It is also important to remember that some Powered wheel chairs have the option of a rehab seat for those users that have more serious requirements and need options beyond what the common selection(s) can offer. It would be important to contact your powered wheelchair representative before ordering so that they can walk you through the various options associated with the rehab seat on the wheelchair.

All powered wheelchairs should come with seat belts and battery chargers. Typically, these kinds of features do not have to be extra expenses on the purchase. Many times, it is important to choose those that offer proper arm rests, feet rests, and headrests to accommodate the needs of the individual. There is no doubt that powered wheel chairs can increase a person’s quality of life, but they also help provide caregivers with the support they need.

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