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Hospital Bed/Medical Bed Mattress Options

At Homepro Medical Supplies, LLC, we sell and rent best in class homecare hospital beds, but they simply are not functional without a mattress. Our knowledge over the years has become unparalleled in recommending and providing the best hospital mattress or medical bed mattress options that are designed and manufactured to accommodate the various position options available with hospital beds. They offer features such as exceptional comfort to the user, help in the prevention of wounds, and make it easier for attending nurses or other home healthcare professionals to treat bed sores.

What is the Perfect Hospital Bed Mattress?

The types of hospital bed mattresses or mattress pads we offer for home medical or hospital environments include foam prevention mattresses, innerspring mattresses, air mattress systems, bariatric extra wide mattresses, and mattress overlays.

For a hospital bed for the home, an inner spring mattress can be ideal if you are looking to achieve standard comfort and consistent rest at night. However, if you or your loved one is restricted to a bed for longer periods of time, a foam prevention mattress will offer exceptional comfort and help in the prevention of bed sores. For those who need wound prevention, medical air mattresses are ideal. They deliver the most pressure reduction and can help in the treatment and healing of pressure ulcers.

Bariatric mattresses are ideal for individuals who want or need extra width or require extra support for a higher weight capacity. Using one of the bariatric mattresses as a medical bed mattress does not sacrifice the treatment and comfort features and capabilities of our other air and foam mattresses.

We also offer hospital mattress overlays (or hospital bed mattress pad) to enhance patient circulation and prevent pressure ulcers. These overlays are designed to enhance patient comfort by minimizing the pressure applied to certain bony location of the body. Mattress gel overlays, often called gel mattresses, can be good for pressure reduction and keeping the body cool.

Size also matters when considering beds and hospital mattresses. Standard hospital mattresses are 36” wide. Standard bariatric mattresses are 42” wide. However, we also offer a great variety of twin hospital bed mattress options in addition to full, queen, king, and dual-king mattresses. Our Flex-a-bed and Transfer Master partners, for example, offer twin, full, and queen-sized mattresses for their various adjustable hospital bed sizes.

When renting in the New York City area, our medical air mattresses have become extremely popular for the treatment, management, and/or prevention of pressure ulcers and the aiding of circulation.

Get Your Medical or Hospital Mattresses Here

For more information about medical bed mattress options or hospital mattresses that we offer at Homepro Medical, give us a call today at 800.437.3677.

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