Choosing Bladder Leakage Products for Adults

Many people have the need for bladder leakage help, but are unsure which options are going to be right for their individual needs. Most people do not have any experience with these products and are unsure of what is a good first step. The good news is there are a variety of quality bladder leakage products on the market, many of them designed to be highly desirable and durable. To choose the right one for you, take into consideration a few key things.

What Is Right for You?

There are many products on the market to select from, but not all offer the same level of protection. Most often, you will want to choose bladder leakage products designed for the severity of leaks you have. Lighter weight products can handle most incidental leaks, such as from coughing or laughing. For those who need long-term protection, it helps to purchase a higher absorbency product. Some products fit inside existing underwear, providing protection for those who need a bit of help. For those who need more help, however, it is best to choose leakage products designed to be worn like underwear. They can function well for those who are more active and on the go. You may also find products designed to accommodate a more consistent need such as for those who have no control over their bladder any longer. The right product can give you the confidence you need to leave your home and start your day.

At Homepro Medical, you will find the products you need and the options you need to fit alleviate any concerns in using bladder leakage products. Contact us or place your order with us today.

Incontinence Supplies: When to Save and When to Spend

incontinence supplies

The average incontinence patient spends $700-$800 each year on pull-on underwear alone. Factor in additional products like wipes, creams, and bed pads, and the cost only continues to climb. Thankfully, the right investment strategy can ease the economic burden, and HomePro Medical Supplies recommends these spending tips to make the most of your money:

When to save:

  • You can mix both washable and disposable: In milder cases of incontinence, a blend of both washable and disposable supplies can provide cost-effective protection, comfort, and convenience. For example, a premium pair of disposable briefs paired with a quilted reusable underpad can ensure a comfortable and dry night’s sleep.
  • You can buy in bulk: Save money by buying diapers, underwear, and pads in bulk. You’ll cut down on packaging and shipping costs by purchasing larger quantities at once, and you can easily stock these nonperishable supplies in a dry pantry for later use.
  • You can shop online: Pharmacies and chain stores might charge upwards of 50% more for the same premium incontinence products you can find online through private distributors. Purchasing through an online outlet like HomPro will also connect you to a representative that works with you to find the right products for your needs from the very first purchase, preventing an investment in supplies that don’t work for you.

When to spend:

  • You’re a moderate to heavy user: If your incontinence is overactive or reflexive, you understand the sudden urge to urinate and the dismay when a restroom isn’t nearby. An investment in high-quality, ultra-absorbent barriers is an investment in peace of mind. Additionally, because these dependable products are designed for maximum protection and comfort, they’ll require fewer changes throughout the day than a cheaper and less absorbent option, saving you money in the long run.
  • You experience difficulty at night: For nighttime incontinence issues, even the most heavy-duty diapers or briefs might need a second line of defense. Sitting on top of sheets, a quality bed pad will protect expensive bedding and mattresses from stains and mildew, absorbing overflow instead of leaking it like generic options.
  • You’re protecting your skin: No matter the degree of incontinence, skin care is critical. Household products like baby powder and cornstarch can’t keep skin clean and dry, trapping moisture instead and feeding bacterial growth that creates a skin irritation or infection. Investing in quality, formulated powders and creams protects not just skin, but overall health.

Bottom line: premium products may cost you more upfront, but they’ll save you bundles down the line on additional supplies cheaper options would require. HomePro Medical Supplies offers a range of high-quality products for the spectrum of incontinence needs, and we’d love to work with you to find a cost-effective solution. Give us a call to connect with a member of our professional staff today!

Product Q & A: Underpads & Chux for Incontinence Care

Underpads and chux are essential items for anyone living with incontinence.

Underpads, or chux, are essential items for anyone living with incontinence.

Incontinence is a condition that affects millions of people of all ages and genders in the United States. Within these millions of people are those who also have limited mobility, making it hard for them to get to the bathroom or a commode in time when they have a urinary urge.

Underpads, also known as chux, can be a big help to those with incontinence and limited mobility. Here are a few common questions and answers about underpads/chux.

What are underpads/chux?

They are an extra layer of protection of wetness protection that look like small blankets. You have most likely seen them in doctors’ offices or in hospitals.

How do they work?

Underpads have the same absorbency and moisture-wicking technology as incontinence underwear. This helps prevent urine from staining or ruining sheets, mattresses, sofas or chairs.

What other benefits do underpads/chux offer?

Chux are rated from moderate to heavy absorbency, meaning they can hold high amounts of liquid if need be. Many are washable and can be reused, while others are disposable.

How do I know if underpads/chux are the right choice?

Underpads/chux may be a good choice for you or a loved one if any of the following are true:

  • You’ve woken up from sleeping with a wet bed (nocturia).
  • You’ve had a sudden urge and haven’t been able to get up and out of your bed or chair fast enough, resulting in an accident.
  • You’ve been in a vehicle, had an urge to use the bathroom and had an accident because you could not reach a bathroom in time.
  • You have a loved one who is bedridden and has a need for something to keep their beds clean and urine-free

How much do underpads/chux cost?

Cost is another great thing about chux. For a case of 150 pads, you can expect to pay $30-$50, making them a very cost-effective option for those with incontinence.

Homepro Medical carries a variety of underpads from Comfort Wear, Covidien, First Quality and Xpress in multiple sizes. Use our quick and easy online ordering system to purchase your chux and have them delivered right to your front door.

Be sure to also take a look at the various incontinence diapers, gloves, ointments and other supplies to ensure you receive your free shipping on orders over $100!